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Coastal Plains Meat Company’s founders, Chip Perrrin and David Billings, knew they needed to create a strong brand that would stand tall, while representing who they are and their goals. They knew full well which direction to grow and it all began asthey developed, registered, and trademarked – The Louisiana Beef Brand. This can be found all over their website, marketing materials down to the boxed packaging their customers receive with their custom order. The brand is something they wanted to articulate the initiative they call “Pasture to Plate” – This is something born and bred for the consumers that want to know where their beef comes from.As an avid foodie and someone who finds cooking is a love language, we both agreed that most consumers now are very keen to know what is in their food and how it is made.

These southern Cowboys are truly leading this movement here in the South. The Louisiana BeefBrand was their driving mission to create the first consumer connection – to the farm. Do you have chills like I do? As this is only the beginning of my journey from “Pasture to Plate” – the level of enthusiasm and genuine passion that David brings in this conversation, is something that should be bottled for every new business.

“The whole idea/story behind “Pasture to Plate”
was for them as a company to relieve the
bottleneck in the supply chain locally, for locally
sourced and produced meats.” – David Billings

They pride themselves on hitting the ground and going to the farmers directly. They work alongsidethem, with the ranchers and a variety of sale barns around the state where they buy their beloved cattle. They then bring the cattle into their state of the art facility in Eunice, La. This is how they, as a whole, are able to provide an in demand product for their community. I was so moved when I ran into a lovely farmer who works with Coastal Plains. She raises her cattle and wants their purpose to be fulfilled in the most humane way possible. She told me that Coastal Plains Meat Company has built their facility to work in terms with “The Temple Method. ”Temple Grandin created a method that rocked the cattle-handling system back in 1991. This system starts at the blueprints, so it is not a shock that Coastal Plains started from the beginning. The enhancements for the facilities target a tranquil approach to the harvesting process. The designs are there to create a calm for the cattle from how they are received and greeted: their pens and walkways are created to not startle these lovely creatures. Her work has been well received around the world. What an impressive step these cattlemen have taken for the animals they respect and share.

David shares how he coined the phrase, and the uber popular hashtag, “By Local, BUY LOCAl.” This dives into the underbelly of truly buying local. The importance of purchasing from local companies that are producing here in Louisiana. He emphasizes that just because you purchase something locally, doesn’t mean it originated here in the community. I mean, I know we are all focused on

“Made in
the USA” – but how many items are not? They are offering a huge opportunity to fully support our local businesses while offering a top-tier product. Supporting the true products and the local producers. The ultimate service in giving support to our communities, while feeling safe in that purchase.

Bringing Coastal Plains to life by developing an ecommerce platform is where they connected all the dots of their beautiful vision. It is here that they can directly make contact with the consumer. As a meat production facility, they strongly bring products through the wholesale area. They work with restaurants that carry their delicious delights and market their logos, but now it is time for the true pasture to plate experience – their ability to make a direct connection with “us.” Their focus lies in this “circular” environment. They have been able to do this almost seamlessly. They are connecting the Louisiana consumer directly with the local farming in the state. Coastal Plains Meat Company procures the beef , they produce the product, and share this full circle moment with our families. I told David that when I first came across Coastal Plains Meat Company that I thought it was almost “too good to be true.” He starts to laugh a bit and shares with me a rumor that would be in line with my initial thought process – a China run company. They make buying direct effortless on their website and with a partnership with UPS, they are able to deliver anywhere in the state of Louisiana. The box options are incredibly packed to cover whatever you and your family’s cravings desire.

They offer boxes grouped as follows – Bold BBQ Box, Ground Beef Box, Beef Patty Box, Louisiana Link Box, Slow-N-Low Box, Smokin’ Box, Black Label Steak Box, and drumroll….. Their newest innovation of Live HARD. They also have an option for the “undecided fan” to call them directly and let the team help you create a custom box for your heart’s desire.

Live Hard is followed by “Eat Like a Warrior”- as they have manufactured a ground beef blend with heart and liver. The result of this is 57% higher iron content, 23g of protein per serving with 24% fewer calories. This makes for a wonderful partner in a
balanced diet. You can find this now at our other Local Business Spotlight, The Refined Pantry alongside Parish Rice.

“The Mission is to empower, mentor, and
partner with current and future veterans in
the Louisiana beef cattle industry. With the
assistance of organizations like Acadiana
Veteran Alliance, Bunker Labs, and Farmer
Veteran Coalition, that Mission will be
realized day one and provide the workplace
fuel for economic success.”

  • Coastal Plains Meat Company

Their mission as Veteran’s and Cattlemen was to empower and hire veterans. Their experience in both “fields” has led them to see the benefits in agriculture as a career outside of the military. This drive led them to work with LSUE and unleash the
largest grant the college has seen. Veterans can go back to school in the newly streamlined two- year program in agriculture. The company itself has 40% employees that are proud veterans, a goal they are shocked to have so early on and a goal they
plan on breaking.

Whether it be – Utilizing sustainable practices in beef cattle management to ensure the highest compliance with quality and safety, serving our communities with locally sourced beef, and giving back to Louisiana through impactful workforce development in agriculture – All the way to the accomplishments of starting the Louisiana Beef movement; creating a space for farmers to have a source, and the consumer to have a product of the highest quality …These gentlemen and their team at Coastal Plains Meat Company have impacted our community in so many meaningful ways. They are testing the new waters of innovation in a
timeless industry, and for that, they are immensely unique. Thank you all for your service, love for our country, and the State of Louisiana.

Written by: Elisse Nielson