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How exciting to see our community embrace the importance of catering to such a unique group of people with many needs and wants in health. The uptick in growth reminds us to stay local and connect with the people behind the businesses, the owners full of passion with a staff who puts a smile on your face and listens in one of the bustling central complexes in Lafayette, Nutrition Krewe.

Nestled in the prime real estate of Shops at Martial, Nutrition Krewe has elevated Lafayette as the go to spot for the wellness beverage. Ashley and Michael Hebert own and operate this healthy smoothie, coffee, and herbal energy tea store. When you get the chance to speak with them, you will learn what an extremely kind couple they are. Their drive shines bright in their commitment to serving their locals through encouraging healthier daily choices. They radiate a sense opportunity to help their community thrive in any way they can.

Ashley and Michael Hebert were already small business owners with their Card My Yard Lafayette franchise before opening Nutrition Krewe. All it took was one visit to friends out of town and their high-quality cafe concept to decide to take the next step; sell and start anew. As their busy schedules of life, family, and work had naturally made realized that by opening this new business they were not only helping the community of Acadiana on a path to better health and nutrition, but themselves as well.

They genuinely are invested to get you there, whether that be weight loss, weight gain, that is also health-conscious. Their ability to connect and assess their clients truly sets them apart. Their product line is quite impressive as they offer a wide range to meet any nutritional need.

Nutrition Krewe offers over three hundred different choices of herbal energy teas that energy drinks, as they give you sustained energy with the added bonus of being very low in sugar, carbs, and calories. They also boast an impressive sports nutrition line of pre-workout drinks, post-workout recovery smoothies, protein bars, multivitamins, supplements, and more. This makes them an ideal spot for serious athletes or even Come all”.

As their brand name and logo pays homage to Southern Louisiana culture,
it is yet another beautiful reminder that Nutrition Krewe has become deeply embedded in the Acadiana community. Many of their customers have become genuine friends that visit daily, with some even starting their own tea shops inspired by Nutrition Krewe, such as Vibe in Youngsville.

For a safe and friendly environment to whether you are looking to step out and up from your comfort zone, Nutrition Krewe is there to welcome you.