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As we become more aware of our health and wellness everyday, we are constantly evaluating labels of what we eat, staying on top of vitamins, rotating through health shots, juices and shakes all while monitoring our skin care and cosmetics. So why not take it to the next level with our Soap? Not just any soap- our Local Business Spotlight welcomes one of Lafayette’s newest additions- Buff City Soap.

As I sat down with Katelyn Lauseng, one of the owners of this family run business, we dove into this amazing business spotlight that just opened their 5th location in Lafayette this August. They are “colorfully” introducing us to the most amazing plant based product lines locally!

Buff City Soap was born from this self-care-body-awareness-era that
genre as people inherently have become more aware of what they are not only putting into their bodies, but on their bodies as well. “We make handmade, plant-based products that not only smell amazing, they are good for your skin too!”– She says.

Her parents along with herself and her brother are all owners of the now six locations! Shreveport, Ruston, Monroe, Alexandria and coming soon to Hammond. We of course are thrilled for our Lafayette addition. Tucked in prime real estate off of Ambassador Caffery in the same block of Costco and Marshalls, Buff City Soap’s stunning “makery” is now added to the list of necessities in Lafayette.

Community and Family are such a beautiful core drive for them and their business. They seem to share a solid goal alongside their bond, to not only create a wonderful guest experience through their top notch staff on board, but there is a genuine passion behind providing a product they believe in.

Products: They offer on average 15 different products with customizable scents reaching over 30.

To Name a few:

  • Laundry Soap
  • Scent Booster
  • Bar Soaps
  • Shower Oil
  • Bath Bombs
  • Shower Fizzies
  • Body Butter
  • Body Scrub
  • Shave Soap
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Lotion Bars
  • Bath Salts

It was so informative to learn the level of ingredients they provide truly give them a stand out performance compared to other shops that are around the states. What are some of these key factors you ask?

However, ingredients aside, it is an “experience” to be had the moment you walk through doors. Imagine a colorful candyland of heavenly aromas and smiling faces. I can’t help but compare adult aromatherapy dreamland that fell into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Of course at Buff City Soap, they target your senses in a completely different element that triggers the same happy gene. 

What also builds more of an immersive experience: Customers have the chance to see the whole making process live in the Soap Makery. Located in the center of the store, customers can follow the process of creating the

most sought after delights, made by their team of Makers, daily. They give their customers a chance to choose scent and some color options for the masterpiece. Something that has become quite popular is having different organizations come in and create products in their brands colors. The studies on team building are through the roof and I can’t think of a better way to bond in zen and creativity.

As they continue to connect with the local community I was thrilled to learn that they offer Bath Bomb Making parties in store. Katelyn shared that guests can come in and create and customize their own bath bombs to take home! Perfect for a kids birthday party, girls night out, corporate event or just a unique experience with a group of friends and family!

It was so special to learn that they also offer Give Back Nights for Non- organization.

Another unique discovery at Buff City Soap is each “Makery” or location creates a ‘Local Line’ where there skilled makers curate a line of custom products that are exclusive to their unique “makery”. What allows a business to stand out and shine is its ability to learn their community and offer something unique. They do a phenomenal job of staying so current and fresh with offering seasonal scents every Winter, Spring, Summer and

In a store of so many wonders, discovering that their laundry detergent is a huge fan favorite and a top one of Katelyns.

She says, “My Favorite Product is our entire Laundry Line! Laundry Soap, Dryer ball and our new scent booster. Being a mom, it was important to me to ensure my child was getting the best in everything! And I do a lot of Laundry in my house! I love the fact our Laundry Soap only has 3 ingredients (Washing Powder, Citric Acid and Coconut Soap) so it’s safe for delicate skin and that I have the option to customize it with the different scents we offer”.

What is so special about this is it showcases the investment in their line as well as their families health and well being. The everyday bustle of
life can easily fall into neglecting something as important as laundry detergent. They give their customers a chance to target the whole family’s wellness and safely bring a line into their lives that they can “truly” trust.

As we continued on our journey of all things Buff City Soap, it was so special to come across a moment that impacted her from a customer. It was one of those moments where the rainbow found its pot of gold and the reason for creating this business was right there…BOOM!

She recalls a guest coming in who in the past has been using commercial soap products and hasn’t had the best skin reaction. After using their can use that smells amazing and works for them. Business Mission accomplished.

The energy is clear and directly sincere when their message as a family is, they wanted to create a high quality product, with simple ingredients, while educating their customers. They strive to have them leave the store with a product they will love and have a connection with.

From the instore team who takes pride in creating clean and rewarding products for their customers, to the mission of being the premier provider to offer high end soap products, Lafayette is so happy to welcome them with open arms.

The feeling is mutual as they were so fond of the community here and knew right away that this was their next home. It always brings a smile to hear a new business feel so loved and supported here. Our “Joie de Vivre” carries on in all who call this area home. Buff City Soap is rapidly our community, with one plant- based epic product at a time.