### 337 Media Acquires Active Acadiana: Expanding Reach and Enhancing Wellness Content

337 Media is proud to announce its acquisition of Active Acadiana, a vibrant digital publication dedicated to keeping the community of Acadiana informed and engaged with the latest events, sporting activities, and health and wellness information. This exciting merger promises to enhance the resources available to Active Acadiana, allowing it to continue its mission of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Active Acadiana has built a strong reputation for its comprehensive coverage of local fitness events and wellness activities. The publication covers a wide range of topics, from the latest 5K runs and new yoga classes to expert tips on nutrition and exercise. It serves as the go-to source for all things health and fitness in the region, helping residents stay connected, active, and informed.

Under the umbrella of 337 Media, Active Acadiana will benefit from expanded content, innovative features, and a broader audience. This acquisition allows for a seamless continuation of its valuable work, ensuring that the publication remains a cornerstone of wellness information in Acadiana.

Additionally, Active Acadiana will now be prominently featured in our sister publication, 337 Magazine. This integration ensures that the important information and resources provided by Active Acadiana reach even more residents, amplifying its impact and further supporting the health and wellness of the community.

Together, 337 Media and Active Acadiana are committed to inspiring and engaging the Acadiana community. By highlighting the diverse array of activities and resources available in the region, this partnership will continue to foster a vibrant, healthy, and informed community for all.