The bond with your animal is a soul connection that we are so lucky to encounter. The bond with your dog is woven in the heartstrings and will last a lifetime. As we are settling back into the world, many of our pets were quite spoiled with all the time at home we were able to give them. They had their human all to themselves and got to share their day with them for months and months to their inner-puppy-childs- hearts desire. The time has come to get back to the office, nights out with friends and family, and more importantly, Travelling! What could be better than going on an amazing vacation? Knowing your dog is going to have a great vacation too, at Le Chien pet lodge.


Trisha and Stephen Ancelet offer a wonderful pet boarding experience for dogs at their home in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Not only will your dog be loved and cared for as if they were part of their family, they will have a great time playing with their new dog friends and participating in the activities Trisha plans for them. She’ll provide walks, playtime with others and even pool parties. Trish and her husband Stephen started Le Chien pet lodge in June 2021, when they saw a need for a secure and personalized place to board dogs. They started off with their listing on Rover, an online app for finding pet care and dog walkers.

“It was something I enjoyed doing on the side.”- she says.

With such wonderful feedback from their guests and so many pups returning to stay with them again, they created a small boutique style boarding facility on their property in their building next to their home. The business venture was a family affair with the building remodel and launching the brand. Trisha shares, “My mom came up with the great name for our business”.

Trisha gets to know each and every dog that comes to stay; she definitely gives their owners a great peace of mind knowing they are being well takencareof. It’sanabsolutetreattoreceivea text message while on vacation with a picture and video of your dog having their own great experience. Even as we were speaking she had the sweetest pup in her lap and I was rewarded with another’s tender love and cuddles. It is such a gift she gives to not only the animals but to their parents. The gift of peace.


It was something I enjoyed doing on the side.” – Trisha

We dove into the level of stress that boarding can be on animals and the fear of the unknown. What she is able
to give to the animal is so special. The dogs can work through the separation jitters and let go of any anxiety they are going through. They get to feel loved and important with a great space for freedom and movement. This is something that truly separates Le Chien Pet Lodge from others in our community. This is a home- a sanctuary for dogs to be taken care of and feel at ease.

In addition to being given tons of attention, Trisha makes the most amazing dog treats chock full of natural ingredients. She started making dog pops as treats for her guests and she had such a great response, she now offers a large variety of homemade cookies, biscuits and even birthday cakes. There is a lot of love and care that is infused into her doggie treats from hand decorating to the packaging. You’ll want to plan ahead when ordering because these will go fast!


Trisha can also pick up and drop off your dog if you need her too. She wants to make sure that you and your furry child can get the best care, and if she is able to accommodate that extra convenience, she will do just that. For the first overnight adventure, she will have you provide her with some pet information beforehand (like vaccine information and special dietary requirements) to make sure your dog will be comfortable and at ease during their stay. They’ll have a opportunity to interact with other dogs and may come home very well rested!

She was joking with me that so many puppy parents are shocked at how relaxed and sometimes “played out” their dogs will be when they go home. They have such a fun time it seems. She loves it when she has her regulars together because they are like long lost best friends and just have a field day with each other. I could only imagine a “Day in the Life of- Le Chien Pet Lodge” from a puppers point of view.

As someone who was so impacted by a magical Rover experience when I was in Canada, I was blown away

by the true genuine love for dogs the Ancelet’s give off. They have such a wonderful partnership in this adventure of animal care. They have so many exciting future plans for their property, not for them, for the dogs- from turf with a draining system to keep it fresh and clean, covered outdoor areas and possibly a puppy jungle gym. Who knows, maybe your little or big partner in crime will come back with a new skill set to win the local dog show.

So if you’re one of the many people who need to board your precious pup, for one of the many reasons life throws at us, rest assured they are going to be taken care of in the loving hands of Trisha and Stephen Ancelet, at Le Chien pet lodge.

“Cuddle time is always my favorite with each

dog I receive!”    – Trisha