Setting Healthy Boundaries for Newlyweds

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Newlyweds

By Hannah Comeaux, M.A, LPC, LMFT

The first few years of marriage are a critical time for newlyweds. There are a lot of changes and adjustments to each other. Here are some important tips to remember in the beginning stage of marriage.

Set healthy boundaries with your time and reduce outside distractions

Your time with your partner should be protected. Spending time with friends is great, but being intentional to carve out time for each other allows an important part of marital growth. Although you may have been with your partner a long time before marriage, the dynamic of your relationship changes when you enter into the commitment of marriage.

Protect your relationship and the opinions of others

In the social media world, we live in today, it’s hard to keep your relationship private. But when you share personal information with others you open it up to options and criticism. Confide in and share with those who have earned the right to listen.

Set boundaries with family

Adjusting to a new marriage can be difficult enough but adjusting to your spouse’s family can be even more challenging. Go slow and try to be understanding. Family dynamics are deep-rooted and often hard to change. Allow your spouse time to feel comfortable with the boundaries they set with their family.

Remember every season of your marriage is important for growth but setting healthy boundaries from the beginning can help establish the foundation needed for a long-lasting partnership.

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