Scent and Sensuality

Scent and Sensuality

Lafayette welcomes its first artisan perfumery

Both Ashana Sophia Morrow and Ryan Hornback are well versed when it comes to the science of scents. “We are all walking perfumes,” Ashana said, “Our pheromones, our natural human scent, is what drives attraction to others. Our sense of smell connects us to our history like no other sense can.”

And through their shared love of the natural world, this couple has created Agua de Flora, their business of distilling essential oils and blending botanical perfumes to enhance these connections.


An Earthly Art

Piggybacking on the 30 years of experience and wisdom from their teachers in this earthly art, the couple have brought their artisan craft to Acadiana. By appointment only, customers can delight in sampling the perfumed oils in their artisan perfumery found tucked away in the Saint Streets.


Personalized Botanical Blend

Finding a botanical blend to harmonize with each person’s individual chemistry is what Ashana specializes in. What is pleasing to one person might smell sickly sweet to another.

“We never tell our clients what to like, or what to feel when they smell our perfumes. People will react to scents based on their chemical makeup and their own personal history. It’s all very personal,” Ashana confirmed.

While Ryan stays mostly on the scientific side of the business, events such as perfume salon parties have him sharing more of the spotlight to discuss their unique distillation process. “We use only glass and water to capture the purest form of the plant, its essence, without introducing any chemicals or synthetic materials.”


Symphony of Scents

Other events the boutique offers includes bridal parties, hourlong informational sessions on the art of perfumery, and “Symphony of Scents” workshops, which combine music, yoga and perfumery to guide participants in a meditational practice.


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