Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

A Resolution Revolution

Self-fulfillment in the new year      


Do resolutions work?

Per a recent study at the University of Scranton, only about 8 percent of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. Why do we keep doing the same silly process if 92 percent of the time it doesn’t even work? Because we want to be happier and to make the next year the best it possibly can be, right?

How can we better achieve this goal and make it a lasting change, rather than just lasting until February? Abraham Maslow, a humanistic psychologist in the early 40s may have had an answer: self-actualization.

Using his Hierarchy of Needs that was meant to help people achieve this self-actualization, Maslow pointedly laid out what it takes to be a happy and self-fulfilled individual.


Surviving does not mean satisfaction

All we need to survive is to meet our physiological needs, such as eating, drinking and breathing. However, surviving does not mean satisfaction.

As we move up our hierarchies, by meeting our safety and security needs, love and belongingness, and so on, happiness and satisfaction with our lives increases tremendously.

Once we reach the point of meeting our esteem needs such as self-esteem and respect, cognitive needs such as knowledge and curiosity, and aesthetic needs of appreciation for the beauty of the world, our satisfaction levels are exponentially higher than simply surviving.

So, what is the end goal? By achieving self-actualization, we can realize our potentials, get the motivation to keep seeking personal growth, and experience genuine self-fulfillment in the moment.

Doesn’t self-actualization sound better than just losing a few pounds next year?

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