Pixelbrush Studios creates websites in a day

Pixelbrush Studios creates websites in a day

Pixelbrush Studios: Not born in a day, but your website could be!


3 service paths are the focus of Pixelbrush Studios. Owner Tyler Woerner — who founded Pixelbrush eight years ago at the age of 21 as a do-it-all Web design and marketing firm — has finally grown into his niches:


  1. Daysite

“This service started when we realized the technology was there to build websites in a day, but lack of ideas, business decisions and content made the process overwhelming for businesses,” Woerner said.

The caretaker, as Woerner calls his staff members, of the Daysite service is Ronny Wiltz. She leads business owners and their staff through a pain-free process of website creation … in just a day!


  1. Eight Hats

Pixelbrush’s Eight Hats caretaker is Jerrad Edwards. He’s everybody’s “Web guy,” and he does it with a smile. Because business owners and their employees are already busy wearing several hats, he’s happy to wear a few for you.

“It’s about being responsive and available, but more than that we don’t want to treat people like the IT guy from Saturday Night Live who just pushes people over and says ‘move’ as he begrudgingly fixes an issue,” laughed Woerner.


  1. Totem Post

These days, there are so many great ways for companies to engage with their customers via social media, but coming up with status updates and graphics can be time consuming.

Totem Post and its caretaker Cole Lusby and graphic designer Matt Wiltz solve that problem with ready-made content. Currently available only to the health/wellness and veterinary sectors, this Pixelbrush service will eventually become available to more industries, Woerner envisioned.


Pixelbrush Studios recently relocated from the Oil Center to downtown Lafayette. To learn more visit www.pixelbrushstudios.com.

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