HOME & STYLE – Tim Metcalf’s Man Cave

HOME & STYLE – Tim Metcalf’s Man Cave

Tim Metcalf's is a walk on the wild side

Tim Metcalf is often recognized by his numerous, successful entrepreneurial endeavors, most popularly Dean-O’s Pizza and most recently I Love Kickboxing. His passion for a perfect pizza and an equally matched mixed martials arts fight may only be overshadowed by his love for the most primal of arts: bow hunting.

Evidence of Metcalf’s deep-seeded desire to be one with the land and source food naturally began to materialize in 2009 in what would eventually become the epitome of man caves. Currently, it is much more than a sight to be seen, it is a tale to be heard, an experience to be had.

What begins as a large open kitchen transforms into a massive multimedia room with quite a stunning view. The expedition begins with an African wall, where every animal is unique, and then moves into New Zealand with the remaining two walls dedicated to North American species.

It’s akin to some of the nation’s top museums. Visitors learn through the natural flow of conversation about distant regions and cultures, both of which Metcalf is very respectful of.

Besides the abundance of indigenous mounts, a variety of artwork and artifacts also abound. Furthermore, just steps out the double doors the ambiance shifts to an exotic resort where you can dip your toes in a beautiful pool canopied by palms.

It’s the possibly-overlooked details that show the love and attention that went into creating this one of a kind space. Etchings in the floor done by Metcalf and his beautiful wife, Karen, are reminiscent of early cave carvings. Even the railing on the spiral staircase leading to the upstairs loft have the occasional bow arrow built in.

While the attention is easily focused on the animals, the action in Metcalf’s man cave is really the food flowing from the kitchen and the various sporting events on the big screen. That is, until plans for his next great adventure begin to take shape.

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