Is being positive negative?

Is being positive negative?

Is being positive negative?


Being all negative is negative

Being around people who are always negative is exhausting. Furthermore, the negative people themselves are likely to suffer a plethora of side effects. For example, if you consistently had a negative attitude about people, places or things, where would your motivation to accomplish anything come from?

Additionally, always being negative may lead to depression, anxiety, anger and other things that don’t exactly encourage people to stick around you. Sounds like a good way to quickly add more fuel to that negativity fire.


Being all positive is negative too

On the other hand, it may not be best to be constantly positive either. As off-putting as it may be with a negative person, many would say that it is just as off-putting to spend time around an always-positive person.

It is typically unrealistic to only acknowledge positive aspects of life, if for no other reason than because not every aspect of life is positive. Much like negativity leads to a lack of motivation, positivity by itself does not motivate us to change what negatives do exist because we do not admit that they exist in the first place.


Awareness is key

The above situations are examples of our stopping ourselves from accurately viewing reality, whether consciously or not. If we ignore either the positives or negatives of our lives, then we are not truly in reality.

Being aware of and accepting the negatives in our lives does not mean that we like them. Instead, we are being realistic and allowing ourselves the opportunity to both appreciate the good things we have as well as understanding the suffering that exists in order to motivate ourselves to change.

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