Fitness Trends

Try something new to stick with your goals

By Cecile Walters Hebert and Gannon Baca


Sometimes staying on the healthier track is easier said than done. Trust us… WE KNOW!

We are not fitness buffs hitting the gym regularly, but with the abundance of fitness studios popping up across Acadiana, we’re hoping it might make it easier to stick with our annual health resolutions.

We visited a few of the newest workout hot spots to give you our “Ordinary Joe/Josephine” fitness reviews. Best wishes to you on a healthy and prosperous 2017!


Retired UFC fighter Tim Credeur and fitness guru Tim Metcalf have opened a new fighting franchise in Youngsville: iLoveKickboxing. The chain, which started in New York, combines a cardio warmup, calisthenics, stretching and bag work. Their mission is to create a workout that is never boring and to keep students engaged, challenged and having fun.

G: Instructors walking around the room throughout class to help you on your form or just to motivate you to do one more rep was helpful.
C: Agreed, they were great. Especially with my “trick knee.” They gave me tips on where to step with a particular kick, which part of the hand/leg to hit with, etc. They were awesome.
G: The gym ratio is about 90 percent women to men.
C: Beware the warmup – definitely the hardest part! Pace yourself.
G:  Full body workout! Between the two of us, our shoulders, arms, back, abs, quads and calves were sore!


Orange Theory Fitness
Group workouts encompassing treadmills, rowing machines, free weights and TRX suspension training bands. Their shtick: tracking your heart rate to hit the Orange Zone for up to 12 minutes each workout to create an “after-burn” effect – the body continuing to use oxygen and burn more calories as if still working out for up to 24-36 hours post-workout.

G: Not your typical gym setting, more modern in design with contemporary lighting and art.
C: Watching the metrics board to check if I was in the Orange Zone pushed me to keep my heartrate up.
G: I like that they have rotating workouts so you’re constantly changing up which muscles you focus on.
C: No time to be self-conscious about my performance or goofy looks – the hour flew by! From the treadmills right to the weights and on to TRX, we never stopped moving.


Downdog Yoga
Ever sat in a dry sauna? Then you know what the difference between what dry heat and the hot, humid weather we typically get here feels like. This type of heat comes from “far infrared long wave radiance” and is what Dogdown Yoga uses in its studio. The heat is better absorbed into the body and gives off a ton of benefits including increased circulation, reduction in chronic pain and a stronger immune system. The power yoga studio offers classes inspired by Baron Baptiste.


G: “Come as you are, not as you think you should be” was a quote from Baptiste that I needed to read before the class. Got me in the right frame of mind.
C: I’m not a stranger to yoga, but this was my first “Power Yoga” encounter. The FUNdamentals class was terrific for me to understand the differences.
G: As a total newcomer to yoga, I was glad to start from the basics.
C: It felt very cleansing with the dry heat elements but be prepared to sweat! It was like a body detox!
G: I couldn’t do all the poses, but the instructor was helpful in giving me modifications.

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