Acadian Heritage Tour de France

Acadian Heritage Tour de France

Lafayette ~ Have you ever wondered where your Acadian ancestors came from in France?  If so, join the tour to the motherland of all Acadians to learn Acadian history, roots, and heritage customized for Acadians,Cajuns, and French descendants to learn the French & Acadian heritage.

Discover where the French explorers and founding Acadian families came from, in LA CHAUSSÉE, MARTAIZÉ, D’AULNAY,  LA ROCHELLE.  These cities were your Acadian ancestors’ homes before going to New World in the1600s.   You will kneel in the church where they prayed before leaving and see the Towers of La Rochelle, the last landmark they ever saw of their native land.  Also, walk in the footsteps of your ancestors in  CHÂTELLERAULT, ARCHIGNY, BELLE-ÎLE-EN-MER, NANTES, SAINT-MALO and learn about the lives of Acadians who deported to France during the ‘GRAND DÉRANGEMENT’, and who eventually departed for Louisiana.

You will travel through four regions of France… Île-de-France, Poitou,  Brittany and Normandy. More so you will enjoy over 2000 years of Frenc history at popular tourist attractions of Europe such as Château Chantilly, Mont Saint Michel, WWII cemetery and the city of Paris.

Just think of a bilingual French/English tour traveling with Acadians of Canada and US to learn about ourselves and our common heritage and also meet/share meals with French citizens who are Acadian.

The trip will be 14 days / 12 nights, almost “all-inclusive”.
Tour fees:  $3595 US + airfare.  Price is based on two individuals sharing one room.  Single supplement: $500 US (one person in room).

Register before Jan. 31: Couples get $100 off and Singles get $50.

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