Futuristic Flames

Futuristic Flames

Futuristic Flames

New trends blaze this winter

Hospitality is second nature when you live in Acadiana. Few activities are better than sitting out on the patio with friends while les bon temps rouler. Light up your wintry nights with these eye-catching outdoor additions.

Amantii’s Panorama Series featuring Fire & Ice Flames

The Fire Pit Gallery

Funky Colored Flames

Percy Guidry Fire Pit

Busch Fireplaces Fir Pit

Sevie Zeller is the editor for 337 magazine. She has been in the publishing industry for nearly two decades. A wife, mother and foodie, this freebird has a passion for localism. She is striving to create a stronger, healthier community through 337 as well as the Planning and Zoning Commission where she sits as a commissioner.

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